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    For the last twelve months an Italian owner has been ‘unearthing’ SPs in Italy and sent over an impressive list – of which we were aware of a number. However 11 were unknown knows.

    There are; chassis nos:- 100406 = 1574; 100563 = 1575; 100563 = 1576; 100565 = 1577; 101023= 1578; 101025 = 1579; 101152 = 1580; 101249 = 1581;101524 = 1582; 101528 = 1583; 101550 = 1584. Many of these were originally delivered through the Italian dealer Bepi Koelliker Automobili of Milan, whist others were ex USA, the UK and Luxembourg. There are a number of yet undiscovered SPs to raise their heads in Italy.


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    I have made an error in the posting of 1575th UKK the chassis number should read 100422.


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    I’ve just come across this forum. I have a 1964 SP Chassis no 104322 engine no.97560. Is this one you are aware of already? Been in the family for over 40 years.


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    Hi Lesley,

    Thanks for posting. No – it seems this is a new one for our list! We will send you an SP250 PasSPort Form to complete and then you can add your car to the register. In return, you will receive for free an annual copy of our publication which lists all owners worldwide, chassis numbers, modifications, upgrades and other bits of interesting information.

    Many thanks,


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    That’s brilliant. Thank you.


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    Chassis no: 104322, engine no: 97560; body no: 737 – 2493. a late November 1963 “C” spec with steel wheels. Colour was Mountain blue with mist blue leather interior. Stratstone was the dealer. I note the registration number as ALK xxxB so it would appear that your SP was registered between April and July of 1964. I do count this SP as a known known. So do please fill out the pasSPort form, that Andrew has sent you, so that you in the future will receive a global members’ handbook.


    You can email me if you wish from the contacts page.

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